It pays to play online bingo with friends at Cheers Bingo

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With promotions like Refer a Friend and Dream Team Bingo it pays to play online bingo with friends at Cheers Bingo!  On top of all the extra rewards you can earn we also provide the perfect platform for you to socialise with your friends which is great if you struggle to get the chance to meet up as often as you would like.

The bottom line is that the party doesn’t start until your friends arrive so make sure you invite them to Cheers Bingo!  The fantastic thing is that you’ll be rewarded with £5 free for every friend that signs up to Cheers Bingo, thanks to our Refer a Friend promotion.  To qualify for your freebie, your friend needs to register for an account and spend £5.  We have a superb selection of games on offer so we’re sure you’ll appreciate the extra cash to play with!

Then, there’s our Dream Team Bingo promotion where you team up with other players for the chance to win a share of £300 in bonus funds!  Like they say, there’s strength in numbers!  If you fancy taking part all you have to do is email before the last working day of the month and we’ll randomly place you in a team for the next round of Dream Team Bingo.  It takes place over a monthly period which starts on the 2nd working day of each month and ends on the last day of each month.

Dream Team Bingo is basically a leaderboard competition.  Each team will have four players and your role is to collect as many points as you possibly can in order to climb up the leaderboard.  Collecting points is really easy so your team will be sitting at the top in first place before you know!  All you have to do is play your favourite bingo games as you normally would and every time you get a full house win or bingo on a coverall pattern you’ll earn points on the leaderboard.  So, the more you play the better chance you’ll have of scoring points.  At the end of the competition the top ten teams with the most points will win a share of £300.  The team that comes in first place will win a whopping £95 so it’s well worth the effort!  On top of the bonus funds, you’ll also earn loads of loyalty points while you’re trying to score points!

To keep things fair the teams will be reshuffled at the end of each month and the scores will start at zero again.  This also gives you the chance to make even more bingo buddies! The great thing is that you only need to register once as you’ll automatically be entered into the next competition each month.

This is just some of the many promotions that you can take advantage of at Cheers Bingo so don’t let all your friends miss out on the fun – invite them today!