Cheers Bingos’s Fabulous VIP Scheme

cheers vip scheme (1)

It’s always nice to get a little something for nothing and we want to let our returning players know just how much they mean to us here at Cheers Bingo.

On top of all the jackpots up for grabs in our games we also give you back part of your stake in points. The more you play, the more points you’ll get that you can use to treat yourself later. You can save up your points to spend on free bingo games and extra bonuses so our VIP scheme really is worth taking part in.

The scheme has five different tiers which give back more points the further up you go so making your way through the levels will bring you a higher rate of return. We value players that come back to our site over and over so we’re rewarding the ones who play most with a higher VIP level. All you need to do to up your level is play more of our games on the site, simple!

The VIP levels start at member, this is for when you’re starting out on the site and haven’t played too many games yet. From there you’ll work through the ranks of bronze, silver, gold then eventually you’ll find yourself at the highest level, black.

VIP’s will also find themselves rewarded with higher redeposit bonuses, cashback and even a special birthday bonus on us. We’ve even got games and jackpots that are just for VIP’s to make sure you get the most when you come back to us.

Bingo and game fans will love this scheme as it means that for every pound you wager you’ll get a little something back. If you play a lot of games anyway this means an extra little treat to look forward to as those VIP points come flying in. Our VIP scheme is one of the best out there so there’s no need to play anywhere else as we’ll keep you happy with plenty of rewards.

All of our players can reach the higher levels of the VIP scheme by taking part and playing in our different bingo rooms so you can aspire to whichever level you like. This handy scheme will help you play more games without spending more cash as we’ll give you top game bonuses and funds.

If you’re a member on our site you’ll automatically start earning points and prizes with the scheme. We do all the hard work so you just need to play bingo and games to get your little something extra from us. There’s no need to join the scheme as we’ve already done it for you so every pound you spend will be counted up and added on to your points balance.

When you’re getting all these fab rewards from us you won’t want to go anywhere else, we love returning players so keep coming back to make the most out of our VIP programme. You won’t find a better VIP scheme out there so stick with us for the best rewards.