Bingo Games Rundown – What you need to Know!

We’ve made a lot of different changes to our site recently, including upgrading our bingo lobby. This means we have more games for you to play, we’re here to tell you more about the different ones you can get involved in.

Lucky Stars

If you’re looking for some frugal fun, we have you covered with this game. Tickets can be as little as a penny and they only go up to 5p at the busiest times. These games take place every few minutes, so this is a very reliable way to wager your cash.

This is a hosted room too, so you can always get chatting with others. This is a good way to spend some time hoping to get your hands on some jackpots.

VIP Free Bingo

This free bingo session is just for the VIPs out there, with enhanced prizes for you to get your hands on. If you’re a valued member of our site then this is just one of the rewards you can help yourself to. This is a great way to enjoy a freebie with some enhanced rewards too, it’s a win win.

This room is only open to those that have accumulated VIP points on our site, so make a few wagers if you want to get access to this room. This is just one of the many perks that we offer our VIP players, so make sure you’re monitoring your level on this.

Remember that VIPs can also take part in our VIP jackpot game too, where there’s a whole load of cash to be won! The full house winner in this game can help themselves to a massive £1500 cash jackpot, what more could you wish for?

Free Bingo

This room is open to all of our funded players, so you can get enjoying some free perks here too. The jackpots are a little lower than the VIP room, but you can still have some great fun here. This is a good way to enjoy a daily dose of fun without a lot of wagering requirements.

Again, you can talk to your friends in this room and look forward to it every day too!

Fair and Square

If you’re looking for some more cut price tickets, then this is another good room for you to play in. Enjoy this game on a regular basis and you could be in it to win our top cash prize! This is a penny bingo game, so there’s no need to splash out too much!

No matter how much you want to spend, from pennies to pounds, you can always find something fun to play on here at Cheers Bingo!