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Free Fun at Cheers Bingo

We know that you don’t always want to spend a lot of cash when you play bingo. Here at Cheers Bingo, we’re always looking for new ways to bring our players freebies, whether you want to play bingo or slots. We thought we’d share our top fun ways to play for free with our site, so get ready for some frugal fun!

Free Bingo Games

To start with, we’ll tell you all about the free bingo games that we offer on our site. These games can allow you to get your hands on some fun, without the price tag! If you’re trying to cut down on your spending or just want to limit your balance, then this is a good way to go.

The tickets might be free, but the prizes are real cash! There’s no downside to taking part in these games as you might just get your hands on some free cash. Our players love getting their bingo fix with real cash prizes, so we’ve made sure that you can do just that.

There are 6 hours of these games each and every day for our funded players, so we’re not skimping out! We have the regular games and then some just for our VIPs, so our VIP players can get into some special free fun. If you want to become a VIP, then just wager with us to reach this status and you’ll be able to get some more free bingo in your life.

This is just one of the ways you can play for free here, though it’s definitely one of the most popular!

Happy Hour Spins

Getting to the middle of the week can be tricky, but we’ve got free treats on a Wednesday that will make you feel like it’s worth it! All you need to do is log in on our site to see how many spins you’ve been credited with. It’s as simple as that!

This is a really easy way to have a bit of extra fun, without any extra spending! Log into your account each Wednesday between 3pm and 7pm to make sure you get your chance to win. If you want to get spins but aren’t at home then be sure to use our mobile bingo site to access.

The games and number of spins will vary each week, so it’s always exciting to take part. As long as you’re a funded player, you can look forward to these midweek perks.

So there we have it, a couple of the ways you can play without spending here on our site. We’re always coming up with new ways to treat our players, so do check back with us for more.

New Promotions from Us

There have been loads of changes here at Cheers Bingo for our players. With new games and a brand new look, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Today, we’re here to tell you all about our latest promotions that have changed on our site. So join us for some news!

Welcome Offer

Our welcome offer now rewards our brand new players with a spin of the wheel. You could win a range of fab prizes from this wheel, like free spins and vouchers. Just make a deposit of £10 or more if you want your chance to win up to 500 spins! Don’t say we don’t make things exciting here at Cheers Bingo!

Cashback Boost

As a newbie, you’ll be wanting to try out all of our games right away. To make this even more fun for you, we give you a cashback boost over your first 31 days on our site. This will boost your bonus balance in no time, so you can get more for your money on our site. We know you love value for money!

VIP Perks

As you play with us more and more, you’ll get some awesome perks with us. Each pound that you wager with us will be added into your VIP status, then you’ll get rewards each month. This will give you the chance to look forward to some new bonuses on a regular basis. The longer you stick around with us, the more points you’ll rack up in this promotion.

Free Bingo

If you want to get your hands on even more frugal fun, you can also take part in our free bingo games. These will allow you to get your bingo fix, without spending a load of extra cash. This is a great way to join in on the bingo fun, even when you’re trying to spend a little less. We have 6 hours of free bingo every day, with some just for our VIP players.

Happy Hours

For a midweek pick up, you can head over to our happy hour promotion on a Wednesday. These are your tickets to a happy night, as you can play between 3pm and 7pm. Just log in and we might credit you with 10 free spins, as long as you’re a funded player. This gives you the chance to enjoy yet more freebies and potentially win yourself some more bonus funds to play with too.

We hope that you’re enjoying our new site and all of the new perks that we have for you. Our site is filled with promotions and games to suit just about any player. Get enjoying these brand new perks and fab bonuses with us!

Big Promotions at Cheers Bingo

It’s been a whirlwind month for players at Cheers Bingo and the fun just hasn’t stopped! We’re already looking forward to another month filled with promotions and top perks for our players. You can get the low down on everything you need to know here.

Tut’s Twister Mission

If you want to spice up your time on your favourite slots then we have you covered with this one. From the 5th to the 6th of September, we want you to complete missions on this slot game. There’s a cash prize pool of £10k to be shared with players that take part in this one!

The game to play on is Tut’s Twister and we want you to complete special missions on. The winners in this promotion will be the ones that can complete their missions in the fewest amount of spins.

Hanzo’s Dojo and Penguin City

These are both new games here at Cheers Bingo and next week, we want you to enjoy them to their fullest extent. These games are already fantastic options for you to spin on, but we’ve added in some extra reasons to get playing. There’s a share of £20k to be won in this promotion and you have to take part from the 7th to the 9th of September.

We want you to collect up spins and symbols in these games in order to qualify for the promotion. This will allow you to enter into the prize draw and you might just grab one of those big prizes.

Vikings Go Wild, Holmes and the Stolen Stones and Golden Fishtank

Now that you’ve had a bit of time to get accustomed to the different competitions on offer, we’re kicking things up a notch with these three games. Again, you’ve got to complete the challenges to enter into the prize draw, where you’ll be sharing £40k of cash prizes with your fellow players.

You’ll be looking to collect consecutive wins, symbol combinations and shards on certain games. The more of these you complete in the fewest spins, the higher your share of the prize pool will be.

Enhanced Trophies

If you’re a bit of a trophy buff then you can enjoy some enhanced offerings on Hold the Safe this month. If you want a chance to try this game then just complete these trophy challenges for some extra freebie spins. They will give you the chance to earn some extra wins by completing regular achievements on the site.

It’s all going on at Cheers Bingo this month, so make sure that you don’t miss out on all of the fun and games. There are loads of different slots for you to check out over the course of these promotions, but you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Back to School at Cheers Bingo

The end of August is here and the kids are back to school, giving us a bit more time to play our favourite bingo games. We’re celebrating at Cheers Bingo with some fun back to school treats for our players. Get your gold stars out, it’s time for some bingo homework!

Top Marks for our New Promotion

There’s a brand new promotion on our books and you can get taking part right now. As the kids are back to school, you can relax and enjoy this promotion in peace. We have three different offers for you each week in September, to chase away those back to school blues.

If you want to take part, then all you need to do is get to the promotions page, which won’t take long. Just click or tap the Back to School button at the top of our homepage. Then, you’ll be presented with a chalkboard full of treats.

Take part each day to get the most out of this promotion! The bonus that you can get changes each day, so there’s always something different to get your hands on. Spice up your time with deposit bonuses, free spins and more.

For those that want to play bingo with a bit of extra fun, this is the ideal promotion. Join in on all the additional bonuses that you can get your hands on for enhanced bingo bonuses.

What else is New?

You might have noticed some big changes here at Cheers Bingo, as we have a brand new version of our site. We’re still working on some tweaks and improvements as time goes on, so get in touch with your suggestions too!

You’ll find that we have loads of new games and promotions for you to check out here, with new slots and jackpots too. This is a great time to get exploring through all of the new games that we have on offer. Check out our brand new gaming lobby if you want to see everything that’s new for you to have a few spins on.

You’ll notice that we have a lot more new slots on offer for our players now, which will mix things up a bit for you. As you peruse our new offers, you’ll find loads of new games that you want to check out. We’ve even got some brand new progressive jackpots that will keep you playing in style.

If you’re a fan of the finer things in life then you should definitely take a look through our new look lobby. We love to revamp things for our players and with this new look, you’ll have a lot to check out. You can also play on your mobile device too, which gives you a load of extra fun to experience.

Take part in our new promotions here at Cheers Bingo if you want to get rid of those back to school blues!