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75 Ball Or 90 Ball Bingo?

When it comes to playing bingo, Cheers players have the choice to play either 75 ball or 90 ball bingo games. Both of these games are hugely popular and each has their own merits. In case you’re a new player or you simply wish to try out a different variety, we’ve decided to review each game. This way, you’ll get a taste of what to expect from both. We’re about to give you a bingo boot camp roomies, so get ready. Here is everything you need to know about 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games.

75 Ball Bingo

This variety of bingo is sometimes known as American Bingo, unsurprisingly due to the  fact that it is popular in the States. In these games, a full house takes the prize. There will only be one winner. The game is played on a 5×5 squared card. The card will have the letters B-I-N-G-O running either horizontally across the top or vertically down one side.

As many players tend to play this type of bingo across multiple cards, the game evolved to  include a handy system for keeping track. The bingo calls make it easy for players to locate and strike off numbers quickly. Each number will be called with the line letter to ensure it’s easy to find. For example B-7. Players then look at the line which is headed by a ‘B’ then search for the number 7.

The 75 ball game tends to take longer than its 90 ball counterpart. The game will run until someone covers all squares and calls a full house.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is commonly referred to as British Bingo. This is the variety associated with zany bingo calls. There are 3 possible winning patterns in this variety. Players can win 1 line, 2 lines or a full house. Each row will contain 3 horizontal rows and 9 columns. The first column runs from 1-9, the second from 10-19 etc.

A line win comes when a player marks off all the numbers on any 1 line of the ticket. This may be done horizontally or vertically. A full house is called when a player marks off all 15 numbers on their ticket. As there are more ways to win, these games are often faster paced than the 75 ball variety.

Tongue in cheek bingo calls has long been an integral part of the 90 bingo game. This is when, in addition to stating the number, the caller announces its call name. These call names are usually in the form of rhyming slang or a reference to the number’s form. Some  popular calls include ‘Legs Eleven’ for the number 11 or ‘Two Little Ducks’ for number 22.

We hope that this has given you a bit more knowledge and given you more confidence to choose a bingo game that suits you. Enter the lobby fully equipped with all the info you need.

Play slots and win amazing prizes! It’s always party time here!

It’s Party Time Here

We all love an exclusive promotion. It’s not often that a bingo player gets the chance to enter a truly unique promo. By unique, we mean one that is only able to be entered by the players of one specific bingo site. Good news for you, Cheers players. We have served up one, unique promotion for you to enjoy. It’s called Party Time! It comes complete with the opportunity for you to play 2 superb jackpots. Are you ready to get involved?

To get the most out of these rooms, you’ll want to know the schedule. Luckily, we’re here to give you all the info you need! Starting from the beginning of the week, we’ll work our way all through all the jackpot opportunities you can take advantage of at our site. All the games we refer to will take place in our exclusive bingo event room, The Party Room.

We kick off the party on a Monday. Unconventional? We know. However, we believe that the party never need stop at Cheers Bingo. The celebration begins at 7 pm and like any good event, runs all the way until midnight. Each of these games has a guaranteed £10 jackpot and tickets are a mere 10p! A full house takes £5. 2L wins £2 and 1L take £1. You’ll also have another chance to play these Cocktail Party games. All you need to do is make your way to the Party Room from 7 pm every Saturday night.

The Lovely Bubble Game is the perfect way to start your weekend with a bang! This game starts at 10 pm every single Friday. Tickets are only 5p and the game puts a £80 guaranteed jackpot up for grabs. Landing a full house will bag you £50. Now that’s a pretty good way to round off the working week! There’s also prizes for 1TG, 2TG and even 3TG players in this 75 ball bingo game. If you’re one of these players, you’ll still take home £10.

Every month, the Party Time Room hosts a mega jackpot game. It takes place on the 1st Saturday of each month, so make sure you make a note in your diary! A huge £400 must be won. Will you be one of the lucky players to take home the cash? Tickets cost just £50 and there are 6 different ways to win prizes in this 90 ball bingo game. The top prize of £150 will be scooped up by the full house winner. 2L and 1L winners will bag £100 and £75, respectively. However, there are also prizes for players ending the game with 1TG, 2TG or 3TG. These players will each take home £25.

At Cheers Bingo, we love giving you something to celebrate. Hit the Party Time room this month, we cordially invite you to our celebration!

Easter Slots and Promos at Cheers Bingo

We’ve officially entered the month of March. This means that the countdown to Easter is on. To celebrate, we’ve got lots of Easter-themed things for you to do on the Cheers website this month. Our £2,000 Easter Giveaway will boost your spirits and give you a hearty cash influx. In the meantime, you could spin the reels on Easter Island to get you in the festive mood. We’re here to give you all the low-down on how to get the best gaming experience this March.

Start off the month by getting involved in the Easter Giveaway. It has already begun, roomies. From 1st March, you can start racking up those draw entries. Anytime you wager £10 on slots you’ll receive one entry to the prize draw. The winners will be announced on Monday 28th March 2016. You’ve got plenty of time to make your gaming count! If you want to earn double the draw entries then wager £10 on Jurassic Juniors. This is the bonus slot for the promo where you’ll gain even more for your money.

The cash prizes are definitely something to get excited about. There’s a whopping 20 of them up for grabs. 20 players will be having a very happy Easter when they take home £100. Could you be one of the lucky winners?

If you’re looking for an Easter-themed slot to help build up those draw entries, then we have just the one for you. Why not take a trip to Easter Island. Wagering £10 on this tropical slot will gain you a draw entry too!

The Easter Island slot is set on the tropical island of the same name. Although the island, in reality, is only called Easter Island due to its discovery by an explorer on Easter Sunday, this slot throws in some traditional Easter themed symbols to give you the best of both worlds. The 25 pay line slot can have you spinning the reels for as little as 1p.

The symbols range from traditional Polynesian island symbols such as the skull carving or the palm tree to Easter symbols such as the Easter egg basket or the duck. If you want to win big you’ll need to keep your eye out for the bonus symbols. In this game, the wild is the Dancer. This cute bunny Dancer wild can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination. However, the Dancer is also the scatter symbol meaning he can trigger free spins when 3 or more land on the reels. The scattered Egg will allow players to pick a prize when it appears 3 or more times on the reels. Each pick can reward players will up to x1000 multiplier.

Spring has almost sprung, roomies. Get into the spirit of Easter with our amazing promos and fun Easter-themed slot.